When you get your 2020 voting ballot in the mail, please fill it out correctly and send it back right away. Filling in the ovals incorrectly can result in your vote not counting! We need your vote! Vote for me for Cecil County Executive AND Trump Delegate (endorsed) to the Republican National Convention.

From our youth to our seniors, from generation to generation, we must protect Cecil County priorities. 

  • We can create and attract good jobs, and recruit and expand businesses, without raising taxes.
  • Our families deserve safe and opioid-free streets, Second Amendment protection, more opportunities for veterans, and the ability to afford to live and retire here. 
  • We need a Republican leader who will work with our state and federal leaders, from President Donald Trump to Governor Larry Hogan to Congressman Andy Harris, to bring more state and federal funds to Cecil County.

As a wife, mom, former teacher, and active member of the community, I will preserve our Republican values, restore our legacy of putting Cecil County’s families first, and protect our rural beauty.

Danielle, I am ready to join the fight against higher taxes in Cecil County. Please sign me up to get updates on your campaign and what I can do to make Cecil County a better place to live, work, and retire!