From our youth to our seniors, from generation to generation, we must protect Cecil County priorities. 

  • We can create and attract good jobs, and recruit and expand businesses, without raising taxes.
  • Our families deserve safe and opioid-free streets, Second Amendment protection, more opportunities for veterans, and the ability to afford to live and retire here. 
  • We need a leader who will work with our State and federal leaders to bring more State and federal funds to Cecil County.

As a wife, mom, former educator, and active member of the community, I will preserve our values, maintain our legacy of putting Cecil County’s families first, and protect our rural beauty.

Danielle, I am ready to join the fight against higher taxes in Cecil County. Please sign me up to get updates on your campaign and what I can do to make Cecil County a better place to live, work, and retire!

Latest News

Cecil County

Hornberger Announces Signing and Retention Bonuses and Salary Adjustments

11/5/2021 Hornberger Announces Signing and Retention Bonuses and Salary Adjustments Elkton, MD: For the last 15 years, the cost of living has increased at a rate which has outpaced pay adjustments in Cecil County.  Coupled with an ongoing salary disparity, it has...
Cecil County

Hornberger Announces Successful Bond Refinancing

For Immediate Release 9/28/2021 Hornberger Announces Successful Bond Refinancing Elkton, MD: County Executive Dannielle Hornberger announced today that the County successfully refinanced approximately $115 million in bonds, significantly lowered the interest rates on...
Cecil County

FY 2022 Maryland Recovery Now Grant Funds Awarded

For Immediate Release 8/26/2021 FY 2022 Maryland Recovery Now Grant Funds Awarded Elkton, MD: Cecil County Executive Danielle Hornberger is pleased to announce the local recipients of the one-time Maryland Recovery Now grant funds from the Maryland Department of...

Danielle Hornberger’s 4th of July Message, 2021

County Executive Hornberger's Independence Day Address, 2021

Danielle Hornberger Unveils FY 2022 Budget

For Immediate Release 4/1/2021 County Executive Hornberger Releases FY 2022 Proposed Budget, Tax Cut Elkton, MD: Today, Cecil County Executive Danielle Hornberger released her proposed budget for fiscal year (FY) 2022 to the County Council. The County Executive...

County Executive Elect Names Sub-Committee Chairs to Serve on Transition Team

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE November 30, 2020 Elkton, MD - County Executive Elect Danielle Hornberger is pleased to announce the names of the chairs of eight subcommittees that will assist in the transition to the new administration. These subcommittees are tasked with...

Transition Team Announcement

I am pleased to introduce my Transition Co-Chairs: Jackie Gregory, Dan Schneckenburger, and Dave Warnick. Jackie Gregory is a 24 year resident of Cecil County, and a mom of three teens, two sons and a daughter. She was just re-elected to her second term of the Cecil...

Statement on the Murder of George Floyd

The past few weeks have been a painful reminder that there is still much work to be done in our nation’s strife for equal justice under the law following the indefensible murder of George Floyd. Watching the video is beyond difficult; along with comprehending the fact...

Danielle on the Opioid Crisis & Public Safety

(In response to a direct question on her stance on the issue) "More VLT money should go towards the opioid problem. I will also work with the non-profits in our county (I have been on the board of STEPS for a couple years) and our county can be much more supportive in...