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My Pledge to Cecil County

My Pledge to Cecil County – November 8th, 2020

Dear Cecil County Resident,

We live at a time when the words “trusted government” is an oxymoron, and more people hate politicians than appreciate their public service. I want to serve you with honor and enable you to be assured that I can be trusted to say what I mean and mean what I say. I also want to put things in writing to give you more confidence in the type of administration we will be offering you, working for you and with you.

So today I make a pledge to you, with my commitment and allegiance in writing to the people I will be serving, summarizing the key points and the vision that my administration will strive to execute over the next four years.

I look forward to serving you with the highest standards, best practices, and bold and innovative solutions that will take our county forward,


I Pledge to the People of Cecil County…

1. Accountability & Transparency: Cecil County government will be accountable and provide high levels of transparency as we transition to a citizen-focused and more engaged style of governing.

2. Accessibility & Leadership: Local residents will have greater accessibility to their government agencies and personnel. We will demonstrate through action that government leaders and employees are here to serve you, the public. We will recruit and develop quality and transformational leaders to better serve you and serve with you.

3. Economy & Jobs: We will make improving our economy and expanding jobs a top priority. We will focus on working to retain and attract more quality jobs, as well as resolving any small business issues that support their economic growth. We will also be prioritizing job growth and the education and training that can help attract quality, good-paying jobs to our area.

4. Taxes: We will scrutinize the current tax streams and explore ways to enable local residents to keep more of their hard-earned money. We will also be working with small businesses to help address their tax hardships and create policies that offer lower tax solutions so that they can invest more of their revenue into employees (hiring more staff, increasing salaries, and creating more job opportunities) as well as maintaining and expanding their business.

5. Public Safety: We will tackle crime, opioids misuse, and other areas of public safety. We will collaborate with local law enforcement and first responders, while also working with state and federal governments to obtain more funding and increase available programs and services. We will explore interventions that address the root of the problem across all populations.

6. Vulnerable Populations: We are committed to serving seniors, people with disabilities, minorities, and other vulnerable, at-risk, and emerging populations who may have more specialized or unmet needs. We will coordinate with government, public, and private organizations to expand the resources available to them, and subsequently educate them on what is available in Cecil County.

7. Education: We will search for creative solutions, new funding streams, and experienced educators to ensure that we provide the best education to everyone, according to their needs. We will open the channels of communication between parents, teachers, educational administrators, and the students to improve education, from early-childhood to college. We will conduct a thorough review to understand the educational needs of our students, while working to raise the rankings of our schools and our school system so we are among the top in the state.

8. Veterans: It is our mission to serve every single local resident and address their needs, and there is no one more deserving that those who put their lives on the line for our country. Our veterans paused their own personal lives, quitting jobs and separating from their family to serve our country. They deserve the greatest applause and respect from us, but also proper health care, housing, and work opportunities.

9. Citizens’ Rights & Constitutional Rights: We will put people above politics, and particularly partisan politics. We will work to uphold the democratic rights granted to us by the Constitution, including Second Amendment rights. We will work closely with state and federal officials to promote the positions and safeguard the policies that reflect the values of the people of Cecil County.

10. Neighborhoods & Communities: We will be strengthening collaboration with local organizations, municipalities, neighborhoods, and communities. We will be addressing their needs and interests, to advance and grow while maintaining the traditional and rural character of our county.

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