Cecil County Budget Deliberations 2020 (FY 2021)

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From the Cecil Whig:

“The council adopted six of Gregory’s seven amendments to the capital budget. Gregory’s reasoning for her cuts were “in consideration for the current health and economic crisis.”

These changes include removing from the FY2021 capital projects: the Calvert Regional Park development line item for $2.9 million; the $1.3 million reduction for the Rising Sun synthetic turf field, improvements to the administration and animal services building and a bridge replacement project under the Department of Public Works.

The operating budget amendments that passed through council were a reduction of $200,000 from the Cecil College allocations for soccer fields and a reduction from Planning and Zoning of $200,000 for LIDAR and topography acquisition.

Gregory submitted the bulk of considerations to these documents. Though a majority of those amendments “died” during a 3:30 p.m. work session on May 19.”

Read more here: https://www.cecildaily.com/news/local_news/budget-passes-with-amendments/article_cfdc618e-e9b6-5855-81b3-1da32256e8cc.html?fbclid=IwAR0JkaxstDjnjMSN5Q71mFazfEDR8XRSPfE7KzqZ9iagNRQtTIyLi7ysMP4


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