Danielle Hornberger

Conservative Leadership – Experience – Results

Taxes, Jobs, & Economy

  • Year after year, we lowered taxes. We gave tax rebates back to homeowners last year. Over the next four years, we will continue to keep taxes low on our hard-working families.
  • We brought thousands of jobs in manufacturing and tourism to Cecil County, and will focus on recruiting and retaining quality, high-paying jobs.
  • We moved Cecil County forward in being more competitive with neighboring counties and will continue to even the playing field.

Stronger Communities

  • We supported law enforcement and emergency responders through across-the-board pay hikes and more equipment and vehicles. We will continue to support their ability to keep us safe and protected.
  • We improved roads and infrastructure and balanced development to promote growth while protecting the rural beauty and character of Cecil County.
  • We hired more teachers, built new schools, renovated athletic fields, supported extracurricular activities, and secured state-of-the-art equipment for our students and faculty. We will continue to ensure parental involvement in education, better prepare our students for college or careers, and prioritize student needs over bureaucratic waste and woke policies.

Conservative Values & Good Government

  • Standing up for conservative values, including 2A rights
  • Balancing development with protection of Cecil County’s rural character
  • Continue to ensure transparency and a more responsive county government to serve you.

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